Mountain Lineup

  • Monday – Holiday Valley (Night)
  • Tuesday – Holiday Valley (Night), Kissing Bridge (All Day)
  • Wednesday – Holiday Valley (Night), Kissing Bridge (All Day)
  • Thursday – Peak N Peak (All Day, *Excluding Dec. 27th*), Holiday Valley (Night)
  • Friday – Swain (All Day) Holiday Valley (Night)
  • Saturday – Kissing Bridge (Night)
  • Sunday – Peak N Peak (All Day, *Excluding Dec 30th, Jan 20th, Feb 17th*), Swain (All Day)

Current Pass Prices

  • UB/Non-UB Students: $339
  • Faculty: $369
  • Staff: $369
  • Alumni: $369
  • Family: $369
  • Friends: $369
  • Season bus pass for non-schuss members: $40

*Our taxes and fees are included but we cannot control the UB mandated $11.25 surcharge*

*Buy your pass online at*

How Our Pass Works

With your Schussmeisters Pass, you can get free passes to 4 different mountains each day of the week. Your pass will work at different mountain(s) each day. You can just show your Schussmeisters Pass at the mountain’s ticket booth and they’ll print you a lift ticket!

We also provide free busing to and from the mountains on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Fridays! We have 3 pick-up spots: The Ellicott Tunnel, Governors Dorms, and South Campus (in the Goodyear Parking Lot)

You also get 10% off of any purchase at Phatman Board Shop when you show them your Schussmeisters Pass!

Bussing Info


  • Monday: Holiday Valley (Bus leaves at 9:30pm)
  • Tuesday: Holiday Valley (Bus leaves at 9:30pm)
  • Wednesday: Holiday Valley (Bus leaves at 10:30pm)
  • The Bus leaves from the Ellicott complex (At the end of the tunnel by Wilkinson) at 4:15pm, Outside Governors at 4:25pm and South Campus (Main-Bailey Lot behind Goodyear) at 4:45pm. Be there early, we leave on time!

The Mountains

Holiday Valley

Kissing Bridge