Schussmeisters Ski Club

How Does Busing Work?

Schussmeisters buses to Holiday Valley on Monday & Tuesday nights and Kissing Bridge on Thursday & Friday nights.

All busing is based off of a first come first serve basis and is open to all club members.

*Busing begins the first day of Spring Semester, January 30th, 2017!*

How to Reserve a Spot on the Bus

To reserve a seat on the bus, you must call or stop by our office the morning of the day you would like to go

The office and our phone lines open at 9am

The office telephone number is 716-645-3100

When calling, BE SURE to have your pass ID number and pick-up location ready. If you don't have your ID number, we will not be able to reserve you a spot and you will have to call back when you find the number

Bus reservations may be made throughout the day until 2pm, however there is no guarantee that there will be open spots until that time. There is a waiting list for after the bus has been fully reserved.

Also we except cancellations on reserved seats as long as they are called in before 3pm that day. Members who reserve seats but don't show up to the bus are marked as no-shows. After two no-shows, there is a $20 fee to reinstate busing privileges. Cancellations are appreciated as it allows us to get the maximum members on the bus.

***All bus reservations are made on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. We have limited seating on the buses so the earlier you call the better. Also you may reserve seats for multiple people in one call, provided you have everyone's pass numbers and their pick-up locations ready***

Getting On the Bus

The bus departs from three locations around UB.
-The end of the Ellicott tunnel by Wilkeson Dorms. (Departure time: 4:15pm on monday and tuesday, 5:10pm on thursday and friday)
-In front of Governors Dorms. (Departure time: 4:25pm on monday and tuesday, 5:20pm on thursday and friday)
-Behind Goodyear dorms on South Campus. (Departure time: 4:40pm on monday and tuedsay, 5:35pm on thursday and friday)

***Please arrive at your pick-up location at least 15 minutes before your stop's scheduled departure time. We DO NOT wait for late arrivals at the stops, as we must stay on schedule. It is not the responsibility of the club to wait for late arrivals and waiting is not fair to other members who arrive on time.***

What is Schussmeisters?

Weekly Schedule

Other College Passes

Get Paid to Ski!

Current Prices

(until 12/09)

  • Students: $214
  • Faculty: $314
  • Staff: $314
  • Alumni: $314
  • Family: $314
  • Non-UB Student: $179*
*Why Is This Cheaper?

Bus Info


  1. Ellicot Tunnel - 4:15 monday and tuesday, 5:10pm thursday and friday
  2. Governors Dorm - 4:25 monday and tuesday, 5:20pm thursday and friday
  3. Goodyear Lot - 4:40 monday and tuesday, 5:35pm thursday and friday
How Does the Busing Work?